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The Snowboard Project

Jul 14, 2020


PATHS • Javas Lehn • Episode 180

Paths is a new series from The Snowboard Project covering people who dedicate their recreational time to snowboarding - but have a ‘real world’ job. 


Javas got his start as a rider - then pro for Gnu and Oakley. For most people, that would be career enough - but that wasn't even the beginning of Javas' path. 

He went to design school and worked agency jobs for a number of years before moving to NYC. A job initially at MOMA led to him starting his own agency, JAVAS LEHN STUDIO ( Surface Magazine, Holden Outerwear and a number of 'art' books have led Javas to developing a minimalist design sensibility all his own.

This is a fascinating interview and path. Enjoy. 

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PATHS • Ben Pruess • Episode 179

Hosted by Mark Sullivans

Produced by Mark Sullivan

Art by Aaron Draplin and Sarat