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The Snowboard Project

Oct 30, 2020

Business Roundtable: Shop Survival 101 with Jason Borgstede


Show Notes


Welcome to The Business Roundtable.


A special series brought to you by The Snowboard Project where we sit down with industry players to discuss the machine that runs snowboarding. 


Today’s Episode: Shop Survival 101 with...

Oct 27, 2020

A look at our six unique shows.

Chad Otterstrom and Bjorn Leines co-host REAL TALK. We play an excerpt from the Clip Show with Bjorn and Chad looking at a clip from Fridge. 

Mason Aguirre takers us into our Pro Files episode with a candid look at a professional career.  

Lift Ticket: Resort Riding in COVID Times takes...

Oct 22, 2020

Welcome back to Lift Ticket: Resort Riding in Covid Times. 


For this show we’ve brought in one of the industry experts - Christian Knapp - to fill us in on how the multibillion dollar resort industry is adapting to a virus that has turned the world upside down.


Christian has managed some of the biggest resorts in...

Oct 19, 2020

Real Talk 3.2 


Hosted by: 

Chad Otterstrom, Bjorn Leines, and Mark Sullivan


Produced by:

Mark Sullivan

Dustin H James


This episode is sponsored by:


Cardiff Snowcraft 


Coupon Code: “THESNOWBOARDPROJECT15” {15% off at their website) 


Never Summer Snowboards


Oct 16, 2020

The Splitboard Project

Presented by Spark R&D

Episode One


Hosted by: 

Will Ritter and Mark Sullivan


Produced by:

Mark Sullivan

Dustin H James


Business Development: 

Dustin H James

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