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The Snowboard Project

Apr 30, 2020

A lifer is someone who dedicates their life to something. Bobby Meeks has done that to the sport of snowboarding. First as a pro rider - for 5150, Joyrider, Subtle and K2.  He was one of the founders of the Robot Food crew - a story he tells here.


After riding, he leveraged his connections into a job - which has led...

Apr 28, 2020


Real Talk: This Week in Snowboarding 4/27/2020


Today’s Episode is brought to you by Never Summer.

In today’s year in review we look back over our 35 interview episodes. We also broing in some clips featuring J2 and Stevie Alters, Lucas Debari, Bud...

Apr 23, 2020


Brad Jay • The Voice of Action Sports • Episode 171


Brad Jay has been announcing action sports events since the early 2000s. More than 40 X-Games later and Brad’s voice has become a hallmark of most major action sports events- in snow, water or skatepark.


Brad has a great attitude and...

Apr 20, 2020


Real Talk: This Week in Snowboarding 4/20/20 • Episode 170

Featuring Wille McMillon on having Coronavirus


Today’s Episode is brought to you by Never Summer.

Wille McMillon has been a Jackson Hole local for more than two decades. After a pro career, he went on to...

Apr 16, 2020


Marc Morisset • A Pro Career and Beyond • Episode 169


Marc Morisset had an incredible career as a professional athlete - movie parts, magazine covers and pro models. But that was just the start of his career in action sports. He went on to become the Canadian distributor for Forum Snowboards,...