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The Snowboard Project

Apr 28, 2020


Real Talk: This Week in Snowboarding 4/27/2020


Today’s Episode is brought to you by Never Summer.

In today’s year in review we look back over our 35 interview episodes. We also broing in some clips featuring J2 and Stevie Alters, Lucas Debari, Bud Fawcett, Blue Montgomery, Jen Brill, Bjorn Leines, Fridge St and Gigi Ruf.


We also do a little talking on the state of snowboarding, but mostly we talk about the interview episodes of The Snowboard Project.


Interview Episodes

AKA The Pro-Files

35 Long Forum Interview Episodes

Pro Riders 17

Industry 9

Legends 9

Jason “J2” Rasmus -  Professional Snowboarder

Stevie Alters, 90’s Superpro

Pat Bridges, Creative Director for Snowboarder Magazine

Gigi Ruf, Superpro 

Mike Schipani, Park Builder

Chris Prosser, Snowboard Coach at Windells

Jason Borgstede, Former Pro Snowboarder and Shop Owner in Alaska

Chad Otterstrom, Professional Snowboarder

Christine Sperber, Former Summer Camp Director

Blue Montgomery, Founder Capita Snowboards

Bud Fawcett, One of the First Photographers in Snowboarding

Michael Akira West, Founder and CEO of 686 Technical Outerwear

Mons Roisland, Norwegian Olympic Snowboarder

Judd Henkes, Professional Snowboarder

Maria Thomsen, Professional Snowboarder

Victor De La Rue, Professional Snowboarder

Red Gerard, Professional Snowboarder

Steve “Stix” Nielson, Marketing Veteran in Snowboard Industry

Lucas Debari, Professional Snowboarder

Nik Baden, Professional Snowboarder

Jill Perkins, Professional Snowboarder

Serge Dupraz, Early Innovator in Snowboard Industry

Pat Moore, Professional Snowboarder

Kyle Mack, Professional Snowboarder

Jeff Pensiero, Founder of Baldface Lodge

Desiree Melancon, Professional Snowboarder

Mark McMorris, Professional Snowboarder

Jeff Fulton, Founder of Mt Baker Hardcore

Fridtjof Saether Tischendorf a.k.a. “Fridge”, Professional Snowboarder

Jen Brill, Founder of Silverton Mountain Resort

Giacomo Kratter, Italian Olympic Snowboarder

Charles Reid, Professional Snowboarder

Bjorn Leines, Professional Snowboarder

Aaron Biitner, Professional Snowboarder

Danny Larsen, Professional Snowboarder and Artist

Circe Wallace, Professional Snowboarder and Athlete Agent

Erik Leon, Professional Snowboarder

Marc Morisset, Canadian Distributor for Forum

Brad Jay, Professional Event Announcer

Bobby Meeks, Pro Snowboarder 

Total = 40 people, 35 episodes - due to 30th anniversary Mt. Hood episiode


Real Talk: This Week in Snowboarding 4/27/2020


Hosted by Mark Sullivan, Dustin James and Chad Otterstrom

Produced by Mark Sullivan

Associate producer Dustin James

Art by Aaron Draplin and Sarat