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The Snowboard Project

May 6, 2021

The Splitboard Project

Presented by Spark R&D

Welcome to Corn Season • Episode Six 

The Splitboard Project is a new ‘magazine style’ podcast for splitboarders of every ability co hosted by Spark R&D founder Will Ritter and The Snowboard Project host Mark Sullivan.. Each month, The Splitboard Project will release a new episode to educate and entertain its listeners.

In the sixth episode, our segments include:

Will’s Mind

Pretty much anything on Spark R&D founder Will Ritter’s mind this month.    

Bucket List: Norway with Melissa Brandner

Melissa is an English ex-pat living on an island in the north of Norway. In this segment she discusses split boarding in Norway as well as riding in both 24 hours of sunlight - and dark. 

Ask Will  

Listeners of The Splitboard Project ask questions of co-host and founder of Spark R&D. Questions were collected from Instagram posts.

First Ascents: Griffin Siebert

Griffin Siebert is an extremely talented individual. From sponsored snowboarder to art director for Nitro Snowboards, you have to ask yourself - is there anything that Griffin can't do?

Tool Belt: Pointers for Spring

Will breaks down some tips for making the most of your spring. From communicating with your group, to waxing your skins - there is some good practical knowledge here. 



What would you not do again - what would you always do - Will weighs in on what not to do again - and things that are worth repeating.


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Hosted by: 

Will Ritter and Mark Sullivan

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The Shoot Dangs


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Mark Sullivan


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Mark Sullivan



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