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The Snowboard Project

Jul 8, 2020


PATHS • Ben Pruess • Episode 179


Paths is a new series from The Snowboard Project covering people who dedicate their recreational time to snowboarding - but have a ‘real world’ job. 


Ben Pruess is a bad ass. He got his start in snowboarding as a pro rider before becoming the Rev team manager in the early 90s. 

From there, things on the career track went a little bananas - launching Salomon Snowboards, running Bonfire, running Adidas Heritage - which he quickly transformed into Adidas Originals - yup he started that. A brief stint running and owning Holden before launching Under Armor's Sportswear division before becoming president of Tommy Hilfiger.

That's at least three multibillion dollar companies he has served as VP or better.  He has come  long way.

In the second half of the interview we have a conversation about the state of the economy, the impact of Corona and a lot more. 


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PATHS • Ben Pruess • Episode 179

Hosted by Mark Sullivans

Produced by Mark Sullivan

Art by Aaron Draplin and Sarat