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The Snowboard Project

Feb 27, 2019

Mike Arzt has had a diverse and interesting career - starting at a snowboard shop, before helping out his regional Burton Rep. From  there a college education, jobs at Burton HQ, in media, for Airwalk before starting his own creative and fabrication business. Today, Mike works with a number of clients to ensure their authenticity of their brands.



The Snowboard Project is a new podcast about snowboarding featuring snowboarding former editor of Snowboarder Magazine and SNOWBOARD Magazine founder Mark Sullivan and filmmaker, innkeeper and event announcer Mark ‘The Beav’ Oliver.

The Snowboard Project will feature multiple shows per week covering two unique formats: Real Talk - This Week in Snowboarding, a weekly news show discussing current events in the sport, and long format interviews featuring individuals that have contributed to snowboarding in unique ways.

The Snowboard Project is one of snowboarding’s first advertising free media outlets, and is supported by listeners who subscribe to receive early releases of content as well as unique to subscriber content.

The Snowboard Project is available through all popular podcast syndicators including, Apple Podcasts, Google Play, Spotify, TuneIn, RadioPublic and Stitcher.


The Hosts:

Mark Sullivan worked in snowboarding media for more than 25 years, starting at a grassroots level, making zines, to redefining print and online snowboarding media through Snowboarder Magazine and Snowboard Magazine. In addition, Mark is the most experienced color commentator in the sport’s history, announcing global events for the past 20 years including the US Open, Grand Prix Series and Olympics. Mark has also been the expert on snowboarding for NBC Sports, Eurosport Television and the annual ISPO Trade show in Munich Germany. However, Mark is most proud of bringing thousands of riders to experience the mountains of Alaska - to face their personal fears and find the sport’s ultimate challenge with his Tailgate Alaska event.


Mark ‘The Beav’ Oliver is a lifelong snowboarder from Sun Valley who has been involved with the sport on many levels, first as a competitive snowboarder, then filmmaker for brands like Smith Optics and announcer of both local and international events. In addition, ‘The Beav’ runs Ketchum, Idaho’s Hot Water Inn, a lodge known for its affordable accommodations and vibrant music scene.


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Music by Nick Wheeler.

The Snowboard Project logo by Aaron Draplin.


Video by Tim Humphreys & Brian Lindberg Jensen